Celebrating Black Excellence in Sustainability

In WMSBF's third installment of our celebration of Black and African American excellence in the sustainability, environmental, and social justice fields, we highlight leaders in the business and education fields. We are privileged to amplify the stories of local visionaries who are dedicated to working toward a more sustainable, inclusive, and just future in West Michigan. Collectively, we recognize that there is still much work to be done in the process of dismantling systemic oppression and white supremacy in the field and in our community at large. The Black and African American movers and shakers we commemorate lead by example and work to ensure that their actions of today have a positive impact on future generations. In Part One, we celebrated leaders who are working to advance food justice and green our environment. Part Two featured community advocates who speak up and speak out about injustice and mobilize others so that community is centered in the process. Lastly, Part Three highlights changemakers who work to be the difference that they want to see through business and education.