Design that changes the conversation.

Every project, every building, makes an impact beyond its walls. Our insights — as a Black-owned design firm leading a team devoted to equity and design excellence — ensure a comprehensive and inclusive approach to every project. We are committed to an empathetic, economically responsible, and environmentally mindful process, one that manifests purpose in place.

Our Team

With our team, with our clients, and with our communities, Pure Architects is a JUST organization committed to equity and to environmental and economic responsibility. The JUST label is but one expression of a value set on which the whole of our firm is built and which informs our socially progressive designs that consider impacts on both sides of the walls.

*JUST label issued April 01, 2023.

01. Inspire

Pre-Design and Development

  • Site Selection
  • Master Planning
  • Code Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Development Services

02. Envision

Conceptual Design

  • Site Planning
  • Preliminary Cost Estimating
  • Programming
  • Energy Modeling
  • Site Plan Approval
  • Visioning and Discovery
  • Visualization and Modeling
  • Graphic Design

03. Ideate

Professional Design

  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Engineering Procurement
  • Permitting Documents
  • Construction Documents
  • Project Value Analysis

04. Implement

Construction Administration

  • Bidding and Negotiations
  • Owner Representation
  • Field Reporting
  • Pay Application Review
  • BIM Coordination

05. Impact


  • LEED Administration
  • Living Building Challenge Certified
  • Post Occupancy Studies
  • Universal Design Strategies

Innovation at every step.


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